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Oman membership gets upgraded


Nabil Al Busaidi

9 Mar 2024

The board for the Federation of International Touch (FIT) votes for Oman to be upgraded from Observer member to Full member

In late February, the governing board of FIT met in Singapore for a member forum to help shape the future of touch rugby. 

Major items for discussion were the upcoming Touch World Cup being held in the UK during July, and the future of the sport, with the possibility of touch becoming a demonstration sport in Brisbane 2032.

Also up for discussion was the status of Tonga, Thailand and Oman. 

All 3 countries were proposed to be upgraded from observer nations to full members of FIT

Mark Croston, the chair of FIT said that the move from observer nation to full member normally takes 2 years, and Oman’s progression is the fastest he has known - a truly remarkable feat and one that showcases the Sultanates desire to develop the sport.

On the back of the members' forum in Singapore, the chairman of FIT made a visit to Oman to meet with the Under Secretary of Culture Sports and Youth, Basil Al Rawahi. 

Mark was able to see for himself the rapid progress touch in Oman has made, and how this was possible. The chairman and the under-secretary then spoke about support for the upcoming Touch World Cup in July 2024, and the possibility of hosting future regional and international tournaments in Oman - such as Gulf, MENA, Arabic, Asia and up to World Cups

A bright start to Oman who has started the embodiment of rugby as a governed sport as recently as 2022 sticking to their solid principles of Shaping the future of sport in the Sultanate of Oman

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