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Oman Rugby Hosts 2nd Annual General Meeting


Nabil Al Busaidi

20 Jul 2023

Oman Rugby Committee's 2nd Annual General Meeting Sets Stage for Promising Future along with reflections on 2 years of massive change.

Muscat, Oman - The Oman Rugby Committee recently held its highly successful 2nd Annual General Meeting on Thursday, June 13th, 2023. 

The meeting, marked by important discussions and strategic alignments, outlined the committee's accomplishments over the past year while focusing on plans for the upcoming year and beyond. Attendees also deliberated on ways to enhance the sponsorship of the Oman Rugby Committee and discussed measures to improve governance of the sport.

The meeting commenced with the appointment of new committee members, ushering in some fresh perspectives and expertise to further strengthen the committee's efforts in fostering rugby development in Oman. The inclusion of new members reflects the committee's commitment to inclusivity and diversity, creating a vibrant and well-rounded team to propel the sport forward.

The Oman Rugby committee for 2023-25 are as follows

  • Nabil Al Busaidi - Chairman

  • HH Said Al Said - Vice Chairman

  • Hisham Hassan - Member

  • Yas Al Delamie - Member

  • Shadia Al Ubaidani - Member

  • Nasr Al Nabhani - Member

  • Jasim Al Lawati - Member

  • Mohd Bahrani - Ministry of Sports rep

A key component of the meeting was a comprehensive review of the past year's achievements, highlighting notable milestones and advancements made in the sport at various levels. The OT6 Series and events were celebrated for their innovation and well managed creation.

Moving forward, the committee engaged in an invigorating discussion on plans for the upcoming year. Members outlined strategies to expand participation in rugby across different age groups and regions of Oman. 

The committee acknowledged the need for improved access to rugby facilities and committed to establishing partnerships to develop infrastructure and training programs that cater to a wider range of players.

A significant portion of the meeting centered around exploring avenues to enhance sponsorship for the Oman Rugby Committee. Recognising the crucial role of financial support in sustaining and expanding rugby initiatives, the committee discussed tailored approaches to attract potential sponsors while nurturing existing partnerships. The committee resolved to proactively engage with businesses and establish mutually beneficial collaborations that align with the committee's objectives and promote rugby's growth in Oman.

An essential topic during the meeting was the governance of the sport going forward. The committee emphasized the importance of integrating the members' database with World Rugby to ensure accurate data collection and efficient management. This integration will streamline administrative processes, assist in talent identification, and provide players, coaches, and officials with internationally recognized certifications.

As the discussions concluded, a consensus emerged on the need to ensure accurate and comprehensive membership details for all types of members. The committee pledged to improve data collection processes to enhance communication, provide better support, and cultivate a stronger sense of community among rugby enthusiasts in Oman. More details to follow and be sent out to clubs looking to create the affiliations with Oman Rugby

The success of the Oman Rugby Committee's 2nd Annual General Meeting highlights their commitment to developing the sport and consolidating its position on the international stage. With new committee members in place, an ambitious agenda for the upcoming year, and a proactive approach towards securing sponsorships and refining governance, Oman Rugby is poised for a bright future.

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