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Club Affiliation

Facilitate Rugby in the Sultanate

Club accreditation from Oman Rugby is the perfect way to become a certified rugby club within the sultanate. With the accreditation, your club will be eligible to start facilitation of different forms of rugby and become an active member of the rugby community in Oman. To become an accredited club, you must meet the membership criteria and rules set out by in the governance section of our site. Visit Governance - Membership Statute 2.


We are here to develop the sport in Oman and want others to know you are part of our overall development plans. Clubs/teams and societies will benefit from;

Oman Rugby Logo Accredited.png

1. Full access to the Oman Rugby infrastructure and resources, including CPD, training, qualifications, administrative resources and technical support.

2. Eligibility to participate in all sanctioned rugby tournaments, leagues, and championships organised by Oman Rugby.

3. Opportunity to compete against some of the best rugby teams in the Sultanate and develop your players' skills and abilities.

4. Access to World Rugby and FIT coaching and mentoring programs organised by Oman Rugby to enhance the quality of coaching within your club.

5. Networking opportunities with other rugby clubs and stakeholders in the World Rugby community & Federation of International Touch fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

6. Regular updates, newsletters, and communications about upcoming events, news, and developments in the rugby community.

7. Provision to have players called up for selection of the Oman representative teams - should our endeavours see qualification for international events.

8. Affiliation acknowledgement amongst the list of clubs within the community - listed on our website and social media.

9. Discounts to its members on Accredited courses and events.  
10. Host events in the sultanate, 
11. Work with Mentorship programs for Coaches & Officials

12. Utilse the Accreditated Club mark

13. Utilise affiliate deals as they are released to the community

And pleanty more to come in the future.

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