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Oman Rugby -
Code of Conduct for everyone

Rugby is a game which has developed over time into a number of values that guide the way the game is played and how players, coaches, officials and supporters conduct themselves. The principal value of Touch rugby is Honesty and World Rugby shows that as Integrity. This goes across all aspects and variations of the game.  At Oman Rugby we also have a supplementary set of values called our Oman Rugby Principles. 

You can download our Rugby Code of Conducts/Practice below.

Respect | Discipline | Passion | Integrity | Solidarity

PDF Versions:

Honesty | Development | Inclusivity

Rugby for the vast majority remains a sport played for enjoyment. As such, our principles and the World Rugby core values are set so we aspire to better the game for all.. You will find these values are the key results we are trying to encourage through our code of conduct.

This code and document are designed to ensure that any member or any associated individual of Oman Rugby understands and appreciates their role and the behaviour expected of them. Oman Rugby wishes for all involved to find enjoyment in the sport and fulfil their aspirations in a safe and positive environment which these rules and codes seek to set out. This also applies to any individual, club or entity that participates in any form of Oman Rugby event.

All Oman Rugby members/associates or those involved in events connected with Oman Rugby will agree to:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person and promote the inclusion of anyone regardless of their age, ethnic origin, gender, special needs, including learning and physical disabilities, class or social background, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, colour or political persuasion.

  • Discourage all instances of unsporting behaviour.

  • Safeguard the wellbeing of juniors/minors (those under 18) and protect them from abuse and poor practice.

  • All ‘Egos’ are left at home.

  • Support the development of all persons - in all forms .

  • Ensure the spirit of the game is held to the utmost principle.

  • Promote the game in a good light from every level.

  • Enjoy the game.

  • At all times adhere to and promote the Core Values & Principles of the game.

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Parents' & Spectators Code

  • Do not force an unwilling child to participate - it’s supposed to be for them, and you may put them off forever.

  • Encourage your child to understand and play within the rules.

  • Teach your child that taking part and trying your best are more important than winning.

  • Focus your child on practising their skills, sportsmanship and being part of a team. Winning isn't everything and not everyone can score the winning try.

  • Support and encourage your child - never criticise them for making mistakes. Console them for losing, but encourage them to try harder next time.

  • Set an example for sportsmanship - applaud good play by all.

  • Never publicly criticise an official, coach, player or other member of the rugby community.

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  • Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from the sport.

  • Report any concerns you may have, contact the Oman Rugby Committee via the website - - contact us

  • Help events, practices, sessions function properly by turning up on time with the appropriate kit. Be prepared to help out if asked.

  • Support your coaches - they are giving up their time to train your child. If you have any issues with the way a coach is performing, talk to them first. Refer any issues to an Officer of the Club.

  • At all times adhere to and promote the Core Values & Principles of the game.

Coaches' Code
  • Don't overload young players with demands, technical information and tactics - remember they are children and they are playing rugby for fun.

  • Don't over play the better players - include everyone.

  • Players develop at different times and in different ways - make allowances for their physical, emotional and mental maturity and development.

  • Winning isn't everything - teach your players to enjoy taking part and performing to the best of their ability. Encourage each player to reach his or her potential.

  • Never abuse, yell, criticise or ridicule children for making mistakes or losing a game.

  • Be organised - establish a structure for the season, prepare a coaching plan for each session, have the appropriate kit. Above all, communicate to players, parents and fellow coaches to set expectations.

  • Make sure players develop an understanding of the rules and laws of the game, that they respect opponents, teammates, coaches and officials.

  • Never question an official's judgement or honesty.

  • Ensure players and parents behaviour is appropriate and in keeping with the spirit of the game and the expectations of the sport.

  • At all times adhere to and promote the Core Values & Principles of the game.

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Volunteers and Administration Code

  • Ensure that clubs/players/members or any entity are managed and that all activities are supervised by appropriately qualified staff recruited through the appropriate process and selection checks.

  • Ensure that you undertake all relevant training for your role and are up to date with policies and procedures.

  • Ensure that all staff understand and adhere to the relevant Code of Conduct.

  • Ensure that all equipment and facilities meet safety standards.

  • Encourage all participants to remember that sport is there to be enjoyed.

  • Participate as a member of a team to achieve the ORC goals and objectives.

  • At all times adhere to and promote the Core Values & Principles of the game.

Match Officials Code
  • Abide by the laws of the game as accredited and by variation.

  • Ensure that you undertake all relevant training for your role and are up to date with all the relevant policies and procedures.

  • Discourage foul play and/or unsporting behaviour by players.

  • Maximise participation and enjoyment for all players regardless of ability.

  • Treat all players as equals, regardless of their talent.

  • Always ensure that the health, safety and wellbeing of the players is paramount.

  • Maintain appropriate, professional relationships with players/referees at all times.

  • Participate as a member of a team to achieve the ORCs goals and objectives.

  • As a match official, conduct yourself at all times and in all situations, in a manner that demonstrates leadership, respect for the game of rugby and respect for all those that are involved in the game – the players, coaches, supporters, the parents.

  • At all times adhere to and promote the Core Values & Principles of the game.

  • As an official you are there as a facilitator as well as an officiator.


​​​Players' Code (All ages)

  • Play to enjoy rugby - always try your best to improve your skills and play well.

  • Play within the rules and laws of the game.

  • Never argue with referees or coaches - their decision is final, (even if you think that they are wrong). 

  • Rugby is a team game - do your best for your teammates and don't try to grab all that glory for yourself.

  • Don't show off, lose your cool, pick on other players or generally misbehave - it's not part of the game.

  • If you lose, accept it with good grace and try harder next time.

  • Respect good play - from opponents or your team.

  • Help teammates, opponents, coaches and officials - you can't play on your own.

  • Celebrate good play - even if it is the opposition.

  • At all times adhere to and promote the Core Values & Principles of the game.


The codes of conduct above set out the values and behaviours we aspire to.

Breaches of this code of conduct may result in Oman Rugby disciplinary, or civil action depending on the severity and surrounding circumstances.

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