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Rugby Core Values

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Core Values

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organisation. These guiding principles dictate behaviour and can help people understand the difference. Oman Rugby uses the principle beliefs of World Rugby, which were identified in 2009 by the Union members at the time. 

The core values are to be expressed and demonstrated by all involved within Rugby and this leads to the clear development of the game and personnel playing.


Integrity is central to the fabric of the game and is generated through honesty and fair play. 


Passion is what brings rugby fans together. Rugby generates excitement, emotional attachment and a sense of belonging to the global rugby family.


Rugby provides a unifying spirit that leads to lifelong friendships, camaraderie, teamwork and loyalty which transcends cultural , geographical, political and religious differences.


Discipline is an integral part of the game both on and off the field and is reflected through adherence to the laws, the regulations and rugby’s core values. 


Respect for team-mates, opponents, match officials and those involved in the game is paramount.


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