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What is Rugby

Rugby has developed since 1845 into many forms. Each having different styles of play and rules to allow for a different perspective on the game. Below we introduce you to the main versions recognised worldwide.


The Omani flag against each code indicates which versions of rugby are seen and recognised with the Sultanate of Oman 


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Rugby Union (15s)

Rugby union is the most popular and widely known form of the game. It is played in many countries around the world.

The game turned professional in 1995 and is a showcase of the sport. Union has multiple rule variations to allow it to be enjoyed by all ages and shapes. Competitions such as the 6 Nations, World Cup and The Rugby Championship are the most famous


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Rugby 7s

Rugby 7s has been an Olympic sport since 2016, the seven-a-side game is played over two halves lasting ten minutes each.

The most accessible form of the game for beginners, it follows a tournament format, with international competitions spread over one to three days. The main competition for 7sin the world is the HSBC 7s Series

Teams usually play several games a day. 7s is a contact version of Rugby.


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Touch Rugby

Touch rugby originated in Australia and has steadily progressed around the world. It is a six-a-side game with more than double that as subs.


Touch rugby is a minimal and limited contact sport and enjoys the ability of being able to be played by mixed gender teams. Touch rugby also has its own international federation - FiT.  


Beach Rugby

A summer sport, beach rugby is enjoyed on the sand in bare-feet. Dependant on the rules being played it can be either contact or touch. Rules are a lot more basic allowing for a very social form yet still demanding game.

Halves last only five minutes and there are no rucks, scrums or kicking.


Rugby League

Popular in England and Australia, rugby league is also played in France, and gaining popularity around the world.

The rules are slightly different to union: instead of rucks forming when a player is tackled, in rugby league the player is allowed to get to their feet and restart play by rolling the ball under their foot to the player behind them. 

Like union, games are played over two halves of 40 minutes each.


Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair rugby is a team sport for people with disabilities and made its first appearance in Canada in 1976. Wheelchair rugby has been a Paralympic sport since the Sydney Games in 2000. 

Wheelchair rugby is played with a volleyball on a court the same size as a basketball court, with games being contested by two teams of four plus eight replacements

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