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Game Day 3

Report by:

Brian Hopkins

18 May 2023

After the completion of Game Day 3 - OT6 Series ends for the season in style

Thursday 18th May, 8pm, Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex saw the two remaining undefeated teams in the Oman Rugby OT6 Series battle it out to see who has the right to call themselves the best team in the Sultanate of Oman Series.

DAK Demons only formed at the start of the 22/23 season, so had many challenges ahead Vs the club with 50 years of history.

The club from the big city Vs the club from the middle of the desert.

The stakes were high and it had the promises to be an absolute classic. A series victory would be the perfect end to the season for either team.

Both teams came into the day with equal opportunity to showcase their abilities.

The day did not disappoint the spectators, however 1 team had to come out on top - and this accolade went to MRFC.

The results were as follows…

Dak 0 MRFC 3 

Dak 2 MRFC 4 

Dak 1 MRFC 3 

A tough night for DAK Demons against a very good MRFC team who managed the games perfectly.

Congratulations to all the teams involved for the inaugural Oman Touch 6 Series - Touch Tuesdays, DAK Demons, PDO Pirates, Muscat Rugby Football Club on a very successful touch series campaign.

See you all for the next episode in the new season

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