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Oman Rugby approved as Observer Member with FiT

Report by:

Brian Hopkins

19 May 2023

The Federation of International Touch board of directors have voted to approve Oman Rugby as an Observer Member in 2023

After months of planning, addressing the needs of the governance checklists, encouraging the uprising of Touch in the Sultanate and developing our skill base across players, referees and coaches, we are pleased to announce that the Federation of International Touch have approved Oman Rugby’s application for membership.

Bill Ker, from the Operations Management Team had this to say: 

“The FIT Board has endorsed Oman's application for Observer membership. Congratulations and best wishes for the advancement of your Development plans for the sport of Touch.

Congratulations and best wishes for a successful start to your development programs”.

This is another milestone achieved in the 2022/2023 season that saw the launch of our OT6 sub brand of tournaments and gameday series which helped propel the sport of rugby into the Sultanate.

Oman Rugby are constantly driving forward in their pursuit of developing the Sultanate through sport and this is just another successful hurdle obtained on the way to a glorious existence.

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