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Oman Rugby attending its first ever Touch World Cup

Report by:

Nabil Al Busaidi

31 Dec 2023

The road to the world cup begins now

In a groundbreaking achievement for sport in Oman, the Sultanate has clinched a spot in the upcoming Touch Rugby World Cup 2024, (TRWC24) marking a historic moment for the nation. 

This is one of the few times that a team from Oman has been accepted into a World Cup.

The attendance of Oman in the TRWC24, comes after years of hard work by the committee and staff of Oman Rugby. Despite being a newcomer to the touch rugby scene, the observers from the Federation of International Touch have been impressed by the rapid improvements and professionalism displayed by Oman Rugby at the FIT tournaments run in Oman. 

The team's journey to the Touch World Cup is also a testament to the growing prowess of rugby in Oman and the commitment of its players and coaching staff. This success reflects years of hard work, dedication, and strategic planning within the country's rugby infrastructure. The players, coaching staff, and all those involved in nurturing the sport in Oman are now reaping the rewards of their tireless efforts.

This achievement not only elevates Oman's status in the rugby world but also fosters a sense of national pride and unity, uniting the nation in support of its rugby heroes. The Rugby World Cup awaits, and Oman is poised to make its mark with passion, skill, and determination.

But now the real hard work starts, to ensure that Oman can compete on the international stage as equals…and develop an international reputation for discipline, respect, integrity, passion and sportsmanship.

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