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Oman Rugby Invites you to our open forum on the future of rugby in the Sultanate

Report by:

Nabil Al Busaidi

24 May 2023

All rugby fans are invited to our “town hall” to learn about the goals of the Oman Rugby Committee and our plans for the coming years.

Following on from the fantastic 2022/2023 season, rugby in Oman is about to go through further huge transformations and this affects anyone with an interest in the game, and all of its variations. 

We are hosting a live open forum on Thursday June 22nd 2023 from 7pm. The location is currently TBC, however we will also offer a live stream as well so people can dial in, if unable to attend in person.

Because rugby is so close to the hearts of many of us we want everyone to understand what Oman Rugby is about and what will be happening. We will be opening the floor to questions and suggestions so that you will have the opportunity to help shape the future of rugby in Oman.

Oman Rugby has goals and requirements that we must fulfill, dictated by Asia Rugby, the Ministry of Sports and the Oman Olympic Committee. How we achieve these goals is up to Oman Rugby. We have put together comprehensive road maps on how to develop rugby in the Sultanate from referees, coaches, youth / school, military / police, team / club rugby, leagues / tournaments and lastly International & Olympic teams.

Now is your chance to learn about those plans, how you fit in, how you can help and how you can benefit. 

Everyone with an interest in rugby is welcome and we look forward to hearing constructive ideas to help us improve our plans!

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