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Oman Touch 6 Series - Kicks off

Report by:

Brian Hopkins

3 Mar 2023

Game Day 1 brings success AGAIN to Rugby in Oman

Game day 1 saw PDO face off again DAK Demons along with TT's facing off against MRFC

With all 4 teams facing their first outing in the OT6 Series it was a day of finding their feet with the layout, structure and game management.

THat did not detract away from the rugby with some excellent shows being seen from new and old players thriving in the increasing Oman tempreatures.

The aim of the series is to build rugby and give opportunity in structruced environments for beginners and also give the competitive elements needed for those more experienced players. With around 70 players on show everyone had that opportunity and the field was graced with some outstanding play.

On to Game Day 2 - 13th/14th April TBC In Ramadam where the intention is to see the Rugby community and everyone else come together for an Iftar then into the games -

We look forward to what a night game might bring.

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