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Member Registration

Oman Rugby is the home of Rugby within the Sultanate of Oman. Let us help you to take your rugby passion to the next level! Register today and join our community of passionate players, coaches, officials and more who are dedicated to growing the sport in the Sultanate of Oman. 

What is member registration

Rugby Team

Registration is a vital process facilitated by Oman Rugby, the governing body of rugby in the Sultanate of Oman. It serves as a means to create a unified and thriving rugby community within the Sultanate. The best part? Our registration is absolutely free, underlining Oman Rugby's commitment to making the sport accessible to all individuals.

Through registration, Oman Rugby is able to maintain an active and comprehensive database of players, coaches, officials, and other key stakeholders.


This database acts as a valuable resource, allowing Oman Rugby to effectively manage and coordinate various events, tournaments, and activities throughout the Sultanate.

Understanding our membership with Oman Rugby

To ensure a fair and inclusive participation, affiliation is required for all clubs/teams based in Oman that wish to take part in events hosted by Oman Rugby. This is done through our Club affiliation program. These clubs/teams are then required to ensure all of their members are registered on our database as a central point. By encouraging clubs/teams to register their players, Oman Rugby creates a level playing field, providing equal opportunities for all teams, regardless of their location within the Sultanate.

Member registration also facilitates efficient communication between Oman Rugby and its participants. It enables Oman Rugby to share important updates, announcements, and opportunities with all registered individuals, ensuring that no team or individual misses out on participating in various rugby events, training sessions, coaching programs, or courses.

Looking ahead, Oman Rugby has exciting plans for member registration. We aim to develop strong links with our major sponsors and affiliates, with the intention of providing exclusive deals and benefits for registered members. This means that registered players, coaches, officials, and other stakeholders can anticipate exciting offers and opportunities in the future. 

How to register

To register click the either the above button or button at the top of our website, or if on mobile click the 3 lines (burger menu) then the button that says login/signup.

You can create an account using your facebook, google or just an email account.

After doing so we request you access your profile - My Profile in the drop down menu and select update details. From here you can add all of the relevant information that we request.

You will also be able to retrieve your ORC membership number, this is the number you club will need to register at any ORC events.

Having a problem registering, uploading qualification or adding a junior account? Please download our PDF instructions to help.

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