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Fundraising - Road to
Touch World Cup

Oman Rugby is seeking help to raise funds to participate in the Touch World Cup, the most prestigious event in the sport of Touch Rugby. 

Oman have qualified for entry to the Mens Open division in July 2024, Nottingham, England. The team is in need of financial support to cover the costs of travel, accommodation, and other expenses associated with competing in the tournament over a 10 day period where they will play against the world’s best teams from all over the globe. 

With the goal of representing Oman on the world stage, the team is reaching out to the community and potential sponsors - corporate or private to help make their dream a reality. Donations and contributions will not only support the team's participation in the Touch World Cup but also promote the growth and development of rugby in Oman.

Oman as a country has only ever competed in 2 different sporting World Cup events - and Touch Rugby will be the 3rd… if we can raise the needed funds to ensure the team has the ability to reach England in July.

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Keep upto date with our progress - Updates will follow as we move closer to the date. Thank you for all of your support

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